Family Law

If you have a family situation and need someone to talk to maybe you have a free consultation with a good Divorce Attorney. You can find good family law attorneys online. I prefer to work with someone from my area, i think it just works better for quick questions or signing documents. Also the attorney knows they may see me around the neighborhood and will be as honest as possible.12004826_10206009999266879_5292054345675784970_n

Often a referral is the best possible source for finding a good attorney. I don’t mean something like Angie’s list. I am talking a referral from a sister or friend at work or at least someone you already know. This way the attorney will know your social circle will be discussing their customer service. He or She can now show off their skills and get those new clients or they can not do so well in the client’s eyes, and lose that client pool.

So you see much of what the final thoughts of a court case may not be as all inclusive as did you win or lose. It may be more complicated in the realm of future clients and money. If your client see that you did as much as was lawfully possibel to win their case. You kept them updated, you work long hard hours, you focused on winning their case, you will still get the referral!

So to finish up my thoughts and help make a couple decisions with you. If you do not like your living arrangements and decide to do something about it. Find a good referred attorney and get a free initial consultation or interview. Ask the important questions for free right up front so hopefully there are no surprises down the road. Surprises always cost more money and the attorney is there to make money not be your friend.

Next you want to totally go for the jugular with your attorney. The Judge will work it out later so it is as fair as possible. Depending on many different circumstance between you and your attorney, so there is no quick answer on outcome of your case. If you get the kids and get money you got the best deal.